Documents required for registration

Documents required for registration

The candidate's file will contain the following documents:

1. Application form (to be downloaded from the platform at the time of submission of documents in letter format) 

2. Curriculum vitae;

3. Recommendation;

4. Baccalaureate Diploma - the original must be submitted with the file in letter format;

5. Bachelor's degree and transcript/supplement to the degree - submitted in original or legalized/certified as original by the persons in charge of this, and if the candidate is enrolled in another master's degree, the legalization will be accompanied by a certificate specifying where the original documents are deposited;

6. Birth certificate in legalized copy/certified according to the original by the persons in charge of it;

7. Copy of valid identity card;

8. Marriage certificate or other documents under which a change of name has taken place, in legalized/certified copy of the original by the persons in charge of it;

9. Receipt proving payment of the registration fee of 250 RON;

10. Proof of employment;

11. Medical certificates (from the family doctor certifying that he/she is clinically healthy and not suffering from chronic diseases) + CSM opinion;

12. Proof of having completed another Master's degree in the budget/fee form (IF APPLICABLE) specifying the number of years in the budget/fee form.

13. Proof of graduation from university in the budget/fee form specifying the number of years graduated and in which form (ONLY FOR MASTER'S DEGREES THAT HAVE ALLOCATED PLACES IN THE ''NO FEE'' FORM).

14. Candidate's career development proposal (proposal must be written by the candidate on a maximum of 10 pages and signed by the candidate) and PowerPoint presentation of the proposal (upload in pdf. format to the platform. The candidate will have with him/her, on the day of the presentation, the PowerPoint format. 

15. Graduation average (arithmetic mean of the undergraduate average and the graduation average of the years of study) calculated by the candidate according to the study documents and signed by him/her.



Certified copies of documents will be requested only if the candidate is unable to produce the original document so that it can be certified as a true copy by the persons authorised in this respect within the Admissions Secretariat.


The term Candidate File refers to the entire documentation required for registration, not the cardboard folder as a stationery item. All the documents brought by the candidate will be placed by the technical admissions secretariat, after verification, in a cardboard envelope at the institution's premises stating the candidate's name and competition code on it.

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