Faculty of Dentistry Presentation

Faculty of Dentistry Presentation

            Dentistry Specialty was established in 1990 at the Faculty of Medicine Craiova, which at that time was part of University of Craiova and became the Faculty of Dentistry in 1998, together with the establishment of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova.

            Faculty of Dentistry changes its name to Faculty of Dental Medicine in 2003.
            Faculty of Dentistry offers the possibility to prepare for university studies in the field - Dental – sector regulated university for six years duration.

The study is divided by years of study, each year being attributed 60 credits (ECTS), graduates having the right to free practice after license exam. 
            Faculty of Dentistry missions can be summarized as follows:

Teaching Mission:
- Acquiring during the preparation, of thorough knowledge of fundamental sciences, base of dentistry, and a good understanding of scientific research methodology, including principles of biological functions measuring, of the assessment (evaluation) of scientific results and data analysis
- Knowledge of the latest trends and methods of treatment to the oro-dental pathology, the practical application of evidence-based dentistry
- The acquisition of moral qualities and a special professional ethics
- Development of teamwork abilities

Scientific research mission
- Development of applications for financing scientific research projects in the field of dentistry and health related industries 

Post graduate training mission
- After graduation, graduates can enter by contest, in residency training. With the entry into the European Union, in accordance with one of the European Commission directives, dentists can pursue residency training in specialties as orthodontics and dental-facial orthopedics, surgical and dental alveolar oro-maxillo-facial surgery, at the last signing the only doctors who have graduated also the Faculty of Medicine.

- Master - Masters Degrees in " Prosthetic restorations with implant support, with a duration of 3 years
- PhD - studies in form budgeted - day or part-time, with tax.  

Mission guidance of dental healthcare in Oltenia

- Continuing Education - Postgraduate courses in various medical specialties, credited by the College of Dentists.

Mission to bring to dental medical practice the latest achievements of science and technology
- Going beyond the simple transfer of information from frame to student, Faculty of Dentistry creates learning environments that stimulate students to address and be receptive to new standards of knowledge in the medical field.


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