Legal Office

Legal Office

Legal Office tasks:

a) represents and promotes the rights and interests of the U.M.F. of Craiova before the courts and other jurisdictional bodies, as well as in relations with other bodies, natural or legal persons;

b) draws up/draws up all the specific documents to support the legitimate interests of the institution in the courts of any level;

(c) exercises appeals against unfounded and unlawful judgments;

d) endorses, from the point of view of legality, the legal acts producing legal effects to which the institution is a party;

(e) endorses, from the point of view of legality, any measures which are liable to involve the financial liability of the institution or adversely affect the rights of the institution or its staff;

f) provides legal assistance to the other functional departments of the U.M.F. of Craiova;

g) draws up draft contracts to which the institution is a party, ensuring their compliance with the legal provisions;

h) endorses the following types of legal acts:

- public procurement contracts;

- decisions on: employment or promotion of staff; award of merit pay; temporary appointment of executive staff to managerial positions; award of other salary rights; decisions on enrolment, expulsion, withdrawal, transfer, etc. relating to students of all study cycles;

- appointment of evaluation commissions for public procurement;

- partnership contracts;

- donation or sponsorship contracts;


Relations of the Legal Office with the administrative structures of the institution:

Subordination relationships. The Legal Office is subordinated to the Rector of U.M.F. Craiova.

Collaboration relationships. The Legal Office collaborates with all the academic and administrative structures of the institution.



Referent: Lucreția Popa;

Legal Advisors: Cosmin Cristea, Roxana Gâtiță, Anelis Boișoru.


 Tel: + 40351 443 500, int. 4031;


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