Editing and printing services

Editing and printing services

Receives for editing and printing:

  • courses, practical workbooks, questionnaires for student use;
  • books and monographs;
  • announcements and programmes for scientific events;
  • volumes of abstracts of scientific events;
  • books, memoirs, memorial plaques, etc.
  • publishing CDs with individual teaching topics or supplements to courses, monographs;

Authors shall submit to the Management of the Publishing House an application specifying:

  • title and type of work;
  • the audience¬† the work is addressed to;
  • the requested print run (for student works the print run will be equal to the number of students for 2 years) plus about 50 copies for libraries; for monographs the print run will be at least 500 copies;
  • scientific papers (two) from prestigious academic personalities;
  • courses and textbooks for practical work will be approved by the Faculty Council of the respective Faculty;
  • recommended book format: A4 for lectures, practical workbooks, B5 for books, A5 for small monographs;

The material shall be submitted as follows:

  • Listed manuscript and 3.5" diskette or CD typed in WORD, with Romanian diacritical marks, preferably with the fonts that exist in WINDOWS and OFFICE (any version), spaced at 1.5 lines, font size 11;
  • typing will be carried out professionally, otherwise there is a risk that the material will be returned for typing, which involves increased costs;
  • typing of headings, subheadings, notes, tables, lists will be done using the facilities of the program and not manually with other fonts;
  • drawings, diagrams, should be made professionally, preferably in Corel software (any version) with a minimum resolution of 300 for black and white and 600-800 for colour, should be presented as separate files and the insertion in the text should be clearly specified (e.g. Place for figure xxx);
  • photographs and complex drawings must be submitted in the original, with the figure number, text and orientation (top and right) specified on the back, or scanned in .tif or .bmp format with a resolution of 300 dpi.

The author assumes full responsibility for the copyright and statements in the text, according to the legislation in force. The material will be:

  • endorsed by the Scientific Council of the Publishing House
  • written by the Book Editor
  • technoedited
  • corrected by author

Publisher grants ISBN and CIP documentation. Printing will be done at approved printers offering the best price. The distribution of the work can be done by the author, through the UMF bookshop, and in Craiova and in the country through SC NOVUS SA (Craiova Book Distribution Centre).


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