History of the Faculty of Medicine

History of the Faculty of Medicine

Modernization, emancipation, development, these are the principles on which the Faculty of Medicine of Craiova was created and consolidated, established in 1970 within the University of Craiova according to H.C.M. no. 59 of 5 February 1970.

In the academic year 1970-1971, the Ministry of Education approved 100 places for first-year students. In the two admission sessions that took place in July and September, more than 2,500 candidates applied and 101 were admitted. On 1st October 1970, with the new academic year, the doors of the Faculty of Medicine in Craiova were opened in the presence of medical personalities who supported not only in spirit but also in deeds the establishment of this faculty.

The activity took place in the building at no. 2-4 Petru Rareș Street, the former headquarters of the Regional Surgical Hospital (formerly the "Gheorghe Chițu" Commercial High School), which was renovated, transformed and adapted to its new purpose. This building (building A) still houses the Dean's Office and the Faculty Secretariat. The building was used for preclinical teaching: anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, biophysics, histology, cell biology, genetics, pharmacology, morpho-pathology, history of medicine.

Starting with the academic year 1976-1977, the Faculty of Medicine operated with all six years of study, with a number of places for the first year that varied between 150-250 for Romanian students and 30-70 for students from abroad.

During the same period, two student dormitories were also made available for the use of medical students, located in the vicinity of the Faculty's new building and the County Emergency Hospital.

In 1974, the Museum of History of Medicine and Pharmacy "Victor Gomoiu" was established and from 1979 until June 1997, it had a building at no. 104 Calea Unirii, and as a section of the Museum we mention the Medical Garden at no.108 Calea Unirii.

The premises are modernly equipped according to requirements and modern teaching aids are used, such as: video-projections, slide projections, overhead projector diagrams, microscopic preparations presented using closed-circuit television, etc.

The Faculty of Medicine has a solid library with a large number of books, medical encyclopedias, periodicals and specialist publications, designed to improve the level of training of students and teachers. The library of the Faculty of Medicine was established in 1970, initially the book and periodicals collection was made up of various donations from other university centers in the country.

The position of Dean has been held, since its establishment and to date, by:


▪ Prof. Dr. Valeriu Neștianu, 18.III.1970-20.I.1973.

▪ Prof. Dr. Emanoil Manolescu, delegate of I.M.F. Bucharest, 21.I.1973-30.IX.1973

▪ Prof. Dr. Traian Roșca, 1.X.1973-31.VII.1976

▪ Prof. Petre Georgescu, 1.VIII.1976-28.II.1984

▪ Conf. univ. dr. Maria Cernea, 1.III.1984-4.II.1990

Prof. univ. dr. Valeriu Neștianu, 5.II.1990-12.XII.1990

▪ Head of works Dr. Valentin Bugeac, l3.XII.1990-21.I.1993

▪ Prof. univ. dr. doc. Petre Georgescu, 22.I.1993-27.III.1995

▪ Prof. univ. dr. Marian Bistriceanu, 28.III.1995-24.I.1996

▪ Prof. univ. dr. Tudorel Ciurea, 25.I.1996-5.VII.1998

▪ Prof. Ion Georgescu, 6.VII.1998 - 17.I.2008

▪ Prof. univ. dr. Tudorel Ciurea, 18.I.2008 - 17.III.2008

▪ Prof. univ. dr. Ion Rogoveanu, 18.III.2008 - 11.III.2012

▪ Prof. univ. dr. Cristian Gheonea 12.III.2012 - 13.II.2020.

▪ Prof. univ. dr. Marius Eugen Ciurea 14.II.2020 - present.



The position of Dean has been held, in order, by:


▪ Prof. Raul Robacki, 1970-1973

▪ Conf. univ. dr. Ion Pușcaș, 1973-1976

▪ Prof. Savel Obreja, 1976-1981

▪ Prof. Ovidiu Chita, 1978-1984

▪ Head of works Dr. Florica Popescu, 1984-1990

▪ Prof. Fane Ghelase, 1984-1990

▪ Prof. Dr. Angel Trăilă, 1990

▪ Prof. Gheorghe Drăgoi, 1990

▪ Head of works, Dr. Corneliu Sabetay, 1990-1993

▪ Head of research, Dr. Constantin Stancu, 1990-1995

▪ Prof. Marius Georgescu, 1993-1995

▪ Prof. Dr. Tudorel Ciurea, 1995-1996

▪ Prof. Mihai Surpățeanu, 1995-1998

▪ Prof. Dr. Ștefan Mihăilescu, 1995-1997

▪ Prof. Ion Georgescu, 1997-1998

▪ Prof. univ. dr. Ștefania Crăițoiu, 1998-1999

▪ Prof. Maria Vrabete, 1998-1999

▪ Prof. Marinescu Dragoș, 2000-2004

▪ Prof. univ. dr. Roxana Popescu, 2000 - 2012

▪ Prof. univ. dr. Ion Rogoveanu, 2004 - 2008

▪ Prof. Florin Petrescu, 2008 - 2016

▪ Head of research Dr. Sorin Nicolae Dinescu, 2012-2016

▪ Prof. univ. dr. Mihai Ioana, 2016 - 2020

▪ Prof. Tudor-Adrian Bălșeanu, 2016 - present

▪ Conf. univ. dr. Florin Anghelina, 2016 - present

▪ Prof. univ. dr. Costin Teodor Streba, 2020 - present



Scientific Secretaries of the Faculty of Medicine, from its establishment to date:


▪ Head of the Department Dr. Dinu Georgescu, 1970-1973

▪ Prof. Dr. Șerban Crețu, 1973-1976

▪ Prof. Dr. Valeriu Neștianu, 1976-1984

▪ Prof. Alexandru Bădănoiu, 1984-1986

▪ Prof. Valeriu Neștianu, 1986-1990

▪ Prof. Dinu Tănăsescu, 1990-1994

▪ Prof. Constantin Voiculescu, 1994-1995

▪ Prof. Valentin Cîrlig, 1995-1999

▪ Prof. Laurențiu Mogoantă, 2000 - 2008.


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