Call UMF Craiova: "Let's prevent regrets!"

Call UMF Craiova: "Let's prevent regrets!"

"Let's prevent regrets!" is the challenge that the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova and the College of Pharmacists of Romania - Dolj Branch have launched for 2023, in the Aula Magna, as part of the wider institutional programme to raise awareness of the importance of prevention in line with national vaccination programmes and medical and pharmaceutical services.

On this occasion, the following participated in the Aula Magna: Prof. PhD Alexandru Rafila, Ministry of Health (online), Assistant Prof. PhD Teodor Blidaru (Health Innovation Hub), Honorary Advisor to the Ministry of Health, Senior Lecturer PhD Gindrovel Dumitra, Coordinator of the Vaccinology Group of the National Society of Family Medicine, Pharm. Roxana Dondera, Dr. Roxana Udrescu, Maria Stoia-Vasilescu (National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Romania), Mihaela Stefan (Director of the Dolj County Health Insurance House), Dr. Narciza Dinică (Head of Health Promotion Department - DSP Dolj), Andrada Cojocaru (journalist, TVR Craiova).  

The section dedicated to management issues in health policies will be doubled by the intervention of specialists in areas particularly affected by the lack of information on the need for prevention: oncology, epidemiology, obstetrics and gynaecology, pneumology, cardiology, metabolic diseases. The participants will be: Prof. PhD Michael Schenker (President of the Medical Oncology Commission of the Ministry of Health), Prof. PhD Sorin Dinescu (primary epidemiologist), Prof. PhD Ștefania Tudorache (primary gynaecologist), Prof. PhD Costin Streba (primary pulmonologist), Prof. PhD Constantin Militaru (primary cardiologist), Associate Prof. PhD Mihaela Vladu (primary diabetes and nutrition diseases physician), and Senior Lecturer PhD Radu Diaconu (primary pediatrician).

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