History of the Faculty of Dentistry

History of the Faculty of Dentistry

The Specialization in Dentistry was established in 1990 within the Faculty of Medicine in Craiova, which at that time was part of the University of Craiova. In accordance with the European Union regulations of 2003, the Faculty of Stomatology changed its name to the Faculty of Dentistry Craiova, specializing in Dentistry. Since 2008, within the Faculty of Dental Medicine Craiova, there is also a specialization in Dental Technique, accredited since 2012.

Within the Faculty of Dentistry, there is also a master's degree, Prosthetic Restorations with Implant Support, which has been operating since 2010.

Initially, the activity of the faculty for the preclinical years was carried out in the building at no. 2-4 Petru Rareș Street, the premises of the former Regional Surgery Hospital (formerly "Gheorghe Chițu" Commercial High School), which was renovated, transformed and adapted to its new purpose. Between 1990 and 2008, clinical internships were held at the Polyclinics of Stomatology No. 1 and No. 2 in Craiova, as well as at the Polyclinics of Dolj County Hospital and Dolj Municipal Hospital.

Since 2009 the clinical activity has been carried out in the Dental Prosthodontics and Dental Therapy and Endodontics Clinics in the New Building of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 1 Mai Boulevard.

Since 2011 the Dental Prosthetics and Oral Rehabilitation disciplines have moved to the Extension Building at no. 2-4 Petru Rareș Street. This is the most modern space available to the faculty for practical activities and courses.

The dean's office and the secretariat of the Faculty have been operating on the ground floor of the Extension building since 2011.

In 1982, two student dormitories, located in the vicinity of the Faculty's new building and the County Emergency Hospital, were given to the use of medical students. They have been refurbished and are also used by dental students.

The students of the Faculty of Dental Medicine have access to the UMF Craiova Library, located in the Extension building, with a large collection of books, volumes and journals in both printed and electronic format.


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